The Kipling success story started in 1987 in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium.
There, in one the world’s fashion capitals, we invented our signature lightweight and stylish crinkled nylon bag.

By injecting our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into thoughtful designs for a casual coolness,
we at Kipling inspire mobility and enable you to go your own way.
More than just bags, Kipling represents a positive outlook on life, a light-hearted mentality,
free spirit and inclusivity. Or as we call it: Live.Light.

Today, Kipling’s well-known bags and accessories are available around the world in 80+
countries and can be found in more than 7500 shops and online.


With Kipling, enjoy a rich and active lifestyle that maximizes, unrestrices your life. Let’s adventure with curiosity. Let’s go out and discover various worlds. Meet exciting new friends and discover new places. The city is full of adventure.

Kipling is always bright and wants to take everything positively. I want to be simple and flexible without worrying about the differences, and I want to walk with you. Kipling’s lightweight and functional bag will be your stepping stone and will help you on a new path. Let’s walk freely with Kipling. feeling light!


We lighten your step,
powering your curiosity,
to go your own ways.


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